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Postoperative Instructions


  • You should avoid any heavy physical exertion for 2 weeks; if you are in school, you should not participate in gym/sports for 3 weeks. You may resume limited activities (school/work) as you are up to it.


  • Push fluids; avoid any hot beverages or citric juices as they may increase pain ofthe sore throat. Cool liquids (ice cream/sherbet) often help ease postoperative pain. It is important to avoid becoming dehydrated postoperatively. Advance your diet to more solid food as the pain permits. As your solid food intake is limited postoperative, it is not unusual to lose several pounds. Avoid any aspirin or aspirin containing products. Avoid any foods that may "scratch" the throat on swallowing (i.e., pretzels, potato chips, crunchy vegetables, etc)

Post Op Pain:

  • Following a tonsillectomy, pain (sore throat) will peak on day 2-3 and then resolve over 10-14 days. The pain is worse with swallowing and can also be "felt" in the ears as an "earache". Following an adenoidectomy alone, there may only be minimal pain. Pain medication, if needed, should be taken 15 minutes before meals to allow less painful eating. As healing post tonsillectomy occurs, a "white patch" can be seen on inside of the throat. This represents a normal process and will resolve over time.

Call the Doctor:

  • Fever over I00° F
  • Persistent vomiting (nausea and vomiting can occur as a side effect of general anesthesia or secondary to swallowed blood) lasting more than several hours post-op.
  • Bleeding
  • Inability to drink fluids