We dispense and service hearing instruments manufactured by:


Our audiologists, Joseph R. Weisberger, Au.D, Gina Wallace, Au.D. and Bridget Block, Au.D. administer comprehensive hearing evaluations for both pediatric and adult patients as well as testing for balance disorders including:

  • Behavioral Audiometry
  • Tympanometry
  • Otoacoustic Emission testing
  • Auditory Brainstem Response
  • Vestibular Testing (Balance)

The audiologists work closely with Dr. Dobbin and Dr. Freedman to arrive at the assessment of hearing impairment as well determination of site of the lesion in the auditory pathway. This can help determine what options are available to treat the patent's hearing loss.

Hearing Aids/Hearing Instruments: Our audiologists provide solutions for hearing impairments in patients of all age groups with use of aural rehabilitation and state of the art hearing aids. They dispense hearing aids including aids by Oticon, Widex, Phonak, Resound and Starkey. They are well versed in new technological advances including open fit hearing aids and wireless capabilities with Bluetooth; in addition, many hearing aids can be re-programmed on site. Most hearing aid makes and models can be evaluated and repaired; the hearing instruments may need to be sent off site for repair.

Whether you choose to schedule time to sit down with one of our audiologists to discuss your current hearing aids, personal difficulties with communication or new hearing devices, they are here to help. Our audiologists fit hearing devices to each patient's distinctive needs. Our goal is to help you improve your hearing, your communication and your quality of life.

Audiology is our passion--our business is helping people! Our goal is to provide excellent individualized care to all of our patients. We educate our patients so they may make better, informed decisions.

New Patients:
    • Free hearing screening upon request
    • Personalized consultation on your unique hearing ability
    • Learn about new technologies that can help break through the barriers of hearing loss
    • Free personalized demo of latest technology
    • Deal locally, with people you trust
    • Full customer service, 5 days a week
    • Free Batteries
    • Your health insurance plan may include a benefit, please ask

Existing Patients:
Service is our #1 Priority
    • Hearing often changes with time! Please schedule an appointment with one of our audiologists today
    • You may need your hearing instruments updated for your current hearing
    • Follow-up visits at no additional charge for our existing hearing aid patients
    • Cleanings
    • Fine tuning/Programming
    • Most in-office repairs

We will make your doctor's visit an unexpected pleasure!

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